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Hotel Rwanda [2004] about the Rwanda Genocide 10 years ago - Another four years of Bush & a return to conservative values is unacceptable. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hotel Rwanda [2004] about the Rwanda Genocide 10 years ago [Nov. 18th, 2004|07:07 pm]



http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2650548 ->movie trailer
http://in.rediff.com/movies/2004/sep/20ajp1.htm ->article

"Based on the true story of a hotel manager who saved scores of lives during the genocide in Rwanda ten years ago that took nearly one million lives, Hotel Rwanda was warmly received by audiences who gave it prolonged applause.

Rusesabagina, who was present at the press conference, spoke almost in a hushed voice about his experiences and how he felt he could be killed at any moment.

"I didn't think I would survive, and today I can see myself on a big screen," he said with a chuckle.

"Since 1994 I've been trying to convey a message," he said. "Maybe Sudan's problems might be solved. Maybe many other problems might be solved. This is kind of a wakeup call to the international community so that what happened in Rwanda must never, ever happen again."

...Though it looked like the independently-produced film which cost about $5 million was going to be shuttered for lack of money, the morale of the cast and crew did not suffer, he said, because everyone believed that it was a worthy project."
======= ***Warning: Explicit language below. Proceed at own risk.

They didn't make this film to make money. At first I was like, "I'm not going unless I know they're donating some proceeds to charity" ...but I realise after reading that article, I had a few screws loose-I was jumping to conclusions. This was an INDEPENDANT film that won so many awards because of the content-and it might never have happened without people who care. Please go see this film-it's for awareness! TAKE YOUR KIDS GODDAMN YOU! FUCKING SHOW THEM THAT HUMANS ARE ASSHOLES AND THIS SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. GENOCIDE is WRONG. I remember watching news about it on Channel one, and since then I probably know a lot more about the ethnic CLEANSING that goes on over there than most people- that CONTINUES to go on over there.

It must be noted that America was the only country not to sign the international treaty to NOT USE LANDMINES (you know, those mines that explode in rice patties) and to this DAY still has NOT signed that treaty. Just today, the french prime minister caught some americans spying on him(DUH, we're PARANOID americans:P). And RUSSIA has been CONFIRMED today that it's building WMD's of "BETTER" quality than the U.S.

Alright, I'm just really mad. Just HOW can *I live in a country in which there are so many assholes!?!
In which we are the MOST two-faced WAR MONGERING country that EXPECTS other countries to stop producing WMD's but yet we have our own WMD's and REFUSE to stop using landmines when other countries have?! Oh what do I care the WHY's of it all. It's just sad that the culture as a whole is lacking somehow.

I mean, france and switzerland came up with DOCTORS without BORDERS and just WHAT does the U.S. come up with? "Peace Corps" Which is good and all, but SET AN EXAMPLE you assholes. JUST SET AN EXAMPLE. And you can't really say, "we did enough in WW1&2" we have enough goody two shoe points to float us into the 21st century. Nuh uh... because there are standards we should aspire to as individuals and as a country.

It's public because my feelings are public.
Watch this robotics video: http://www.analogik.org/video/_tetra_vaal_video.mov
...and i recommend the book "Forever Peace" by Joe Haldeman

From: ex_brainles
2004-11-24 06:54 am (UTC)
The landmine treaty would have also banned the machines that the US uses to sweep for them and the treaty would have been signed if certain provisions would have been met.. Those machines saved a lot of lives in the liberation of Kuwait. I would have to point out also that the US has more doctors working for charitable organizations areound the world then any other country, and invests more money into these organizations. I would also have to point out tthat France is busy shooting protestors in the Ivory Coast to protect their cocoa investments.

If you're worried about the Sudan, then you must first eliminate the UN, otherwise the Arab league will have enough say to continue to keep the French and Russians concerned enough about their oil investments that they will take no real action against arab muslim goverments on the Africa continent.
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[User Picture]From: kanaetkassad
2004-11-27 10:19 pm (UTC)
thanks for the comment:)

rant this rant that- you know how it goes.
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